I believe that every design project should start from the interests, wishes and needs of the people involved. By including people in the process from the beginning onwards and by interacting with them on an empathic level, their intrinsic motivations are revealed and addressed. This actives social processes and provides more sustainable projects.


Co-design refers to the intensive involvement of stakeholders throughout a design project. Within co-design, inhabitants, professionals, children or communities become experts: they know best about their own situation. This shifts the role of the designer towards facilitator, connector or translator of insights into concrete designs. CvdBremen is specialised in shaping and facilitating co-design processes.

Cultural Diversity

Cindy van den Bremen has always been interested in other cultures, traditions & religions. The hijab brand Capsters evolved from her curiosity for veiling. Cultural diversity has been the red line throughout her projects ever since. Cultural diversity is what makes life interesting and as a designer it is an endless source of inspiration.