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On assignment by housing corporation Woonbedrijf CvdBremen designed and guided a mediation process with a new development in Woensel North, Eindhoven. Owners of adjoining houses were worried because of the new development and changing living environment that came together with the plans of the development of an adjoining school. Cindy van den Bremen organised a workshop where not only the house owners could share their discontent, but also Woonbedrijf, the architect and contractor

were present. Because of this certain worries could be solved immediately or taken into account by the right parties. Also by zooming in on the current living situation in the house, street and neighbourhood with the new devolopment and changing living environment new matters came to the table that could not only be addressed to the new development of Woonbedrijf, this way worries were displayed but at the same time put in perspective.

VNext to this we looked into practical solutions on the map together with the residents. The session was experienced as insightful and helpful to all involved parties. An empathic arrangement with a mediating 3rd party can bring solutions in cases like this and prevents the maintaining of objections which delays the development.