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For housing corporation Woonbedrijf CvdBremen developed the concept of the Circular Factory that took place during the Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The concept was based on the idea of a material bank that Woonbedrijf wants to start with all the materials that are collected during renovation or demolition. Their ambition is to work 100% circular in the future together with other partners.

The Circular Factory made this ambition visible and feasible. The Circular Factory contained a Showroom (where the materials were shown), a Lab (where designers show how they find new applications for waste), Production (where designers showed what designs you can make from waste), a Boardroom (where discussions took place), a Customer Service (where residents could get more information on the Buurtcultuurfonds from Woonbedrijf),

a Factory Store (where you could buy bargans from Woonbedrijf) and a Cantine (where you could enjoy coffee on a toilet seat). CvdBremen not only developed the total concept of the Circular Factory in an exhibition, but also the complete programming of breakfast sessions, public sessions and a Neighbourhood Expedition to various art en design projects in Eindhoven.

Photo by Verse Beeldwaren & Maarten Coolen