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CvdBremen developed and facilitated a specially designed Empathy Master Class as part of the PROUD academy. The master class focused on the necessity and added value of empathy in co-design projects. By illustrating her own projects, showing inspirational examples of others and by guiding small and practical exercises, CvdBremen coached the

participants in developing their sensitivity on how to use empathy. It is quite easy to make assumptions in a design project, but you might end up with a solution that does not fit the interests and wishes of your user. By using an empathic co-design process, a designer can involve users in different phases and unravel valuable stories and insights through personal

conversations. Empathy in co-design leads to solutions that are derived from the stories and needs of users in the first place. Want to know more about empathy? Watch and listen to the ‘Empathy Interview’ with Cindy van den Bremen below, conducted by the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy.

Download report ‘Empathy Master Class’

Empathy Interview by The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy