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The Freehouse Foundation assigned CvdBremen to design and develop products with local materials from the Afrikaandermarkt in Rotterdam in close cooperation with local (migrant) women. The products were sold by the women themselves on the bi-weekly market. The Suit it Yourself collection is based on the idea of DIY. It ranges from buying a simple pattern to use with your own choice of fabric from the market, to a SIY package with all the ingredients included (patern + material) and a ready-made SIY product that is 

 produced by local women in het Wijkatelier. The collection consists of easy to make vests, blouses, bolero’s, bags etc. The designs and products fulfill an ambassador function by expressing the cultural richness of the Afrikaander area, the Afrikaander market and its residents potential. The Suit It Yourself project contributed to ‘de Markt van Morgen’ where CvdBremen was responsible for the Catwalk concept, programming, realisation & coordination with fashion shows of local young designers, fashion students, traditional costumes and of course the

Suit it Yourself collection. The designs are still produced and sold in the Wijkatelier op Zuid. The active local women are now selfsupportive in having started their own foundation as a result of this initiative. Working on assignments from local entrepeneurs, designers and customers.

The Freehouse project was nominated for the Rotterdam Design Award in 2011.