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As a member of the Design Brigade* CvdBremen participated in a project to develop new concepts for the 2nd train station of Eindhoven in close cooperation with stakeholders like residents and entrepreneurs in the area. During the Dutch Design Week 2011 an intervention took place at the train station with volunteering residents that helped

the visitors with finding their way, lifting their bikes or buggy’s and sheltering against the rain. For Dutch Design Week 2012 several ideas and concepts were realised. Icons were placed with ideas for improvement of the station and its surroundings and the nearby park was renovated.

The Design Brigade won the Your Street award 2012 for reviving the old park in the shape of a lightbulb. 

Download report ‘Experimental Station NS Beukenlaan’

Design Brigade was a temporary consortium of the following creatives:

Vincent Wittenberg, social designer

Ellen de Vries, light architect: Lux Lab

Berry Sanders, graphic designer and visual artist